Electronic material terminal Recycling

1、 IC chips
Recover all original chips, on-board chips or disassembled chips such as mobile phone IC, storage IC, main control IC, touch IC, military IC, Bluetooth IC, driver IC, mouse IC, power amplifier IC, power supply IC, communication IC, etc...
2、 Connector
Recycling Panasonic connector, Kyocera connector, hrs connector, MOLEX connector, JST connector, Jae connector, jam connector, amp connector, Tyco connector
3、 Tantalum capacitors
Recycling AVX tantalum capacitors, NEC tantalum capacitors, KEMET tantalum capacitors, Samsung tantalum capacitors, Vishay tantalum capacitors, Nichicon tantalum capacitors.
4、 Mainboard
Recycling mobile phone motherboard, tablet computer motherboard, watch motherboard, set-top box motherboard, car navigation version, navigation core board, driving recorder motherboard, industrial control motherboard, tantalum capacitor motherboard, game machine motherboard and other PCBA.
5、 LCD
Recycling flat screen, tablet computer touch screen (TP), mobile phone LCD screen, mobile phone touch screen (TP), watch screen, navigation screen, game machine screen, dash cam screen, industrial control screen, computer screen, TV screen.
6、 Battery
Recycling mobile phone batteries and flat-panel batteries.
7、 Recycling single chip
The main recycling brands include ATMEL, St, Ti, Freescale, microchip, etc...

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